Sunday, February 10, 2013

Shutting her down

Unfortunately I will no longer be able to come back to maintain this blog, I'm so busy with my business, clown fish & jessie boo and my family that I just can't keep up here. I have been getting so many spam comments lately also, so I have decided to shut it down.

Thank you to everyone who has followed and commented and entered my comps. I really appreciate the love and support I've come to know from the blogging community!

I'll still be around, over at my business Please feel free to visit and say hi at my facebook page

So this is goodbye......... for now :)

UPDATE: I would like to leave the blog up, and have just figured out I can disable comments :) So instead of deleting the whole blog, I'll just disable commenting! :) Who knows, I might be back every now and then with something wonderful to share!!