Thursday, May 10, 2012

Didi and B.

On Tuesday 1st May, the cutest little show premiered on nick jr (Foxtel and Austar.) Didi and B. are a super positive butterfly and an adorably fuzzy spelling bee. 

Didi is a butterfly who "love, love, loves" art, sparkles and glitter, and she shows preschoolers how to make everything from rain painting to petal portraits in her "DIY with Didi" segment. In the segment we viewed, Didi showed us how to make a sparkly crown.

B. is a cheeky little prankster who loves his jokes in "Just Joshing" and he has fun with words (he's a spelling bee after all!) with "Rhyme Time".
My Emily's favourite B. segments were B. Song, in which B. sings about his favourite letter (B of course!) B.'s cute little voice and groovy singing has us bopping along everytime!

The Days of the Week is another song (seven different songs playfully celebrating a new day, every day.) We got to see Monday. The girls love this one too, B. shouts out "bananas" instead of Thursday. Well, this cracked Emily up and she now randomly shouts out "BANANAS!"

I love that Didi and B. is a local production, in fact it is the creation of some incredibly talented mums. There are so many US childrens shows on television, that Emily sometimes says words with an accent! So I was delighted to hear B. say "zed" instead of "zee" in his B. Song!! 

We just loved watching the preview we were sent (courtesy of nick jr.) and Emily asks to watch it everyday!

Didi and B. airs daily at 7am and 6pm, and throughout the day. Featuring eight short segments and six songs, these best friends are sure to delight preschoolers (and parents!)

You can find them on nick jr. where you can watch videos and download activities featured on DIY with Didi and B.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary DVD review copy courtesy of nick jr. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.