Friday, December 30, 2011

Another year almost over and two birthdays around the corner!

Wow! How fast has this year gone! I can't believe my babies are turning one and four next week! 

I'm planning a birthday party for Jessica, and just having a cake for Emily on her birthday. 

I decided that Jess should have her own party like Emily did for her 1st birthday. Then we can think about joint birthdays after that, seeing as they are only three days apart! Not sure how well that will go down when they are 21 and 18 haha. 

So, I've got my theme and a rough idea for a cake and decorations. I have ordered some decorations, I just hope they get here in time.

Jody from Stay At Home Mum kindly offered me a copy of Kids Parties on a Budget to help me get organised.

It has ideas for themes, party food, and birthday cake recipes as well as comprehensive checklists to make sure you don't forget anything! I love lists!

Everything you need to plan a party is in this ebook! From what to buy, and when to lolly bags and games, this ebook is perfect to keep the whole process as organised and as stress free as possible.

The Kids Parties on a Budget eBook is available from Stay At Home Mum - The Secret to Living on One Wage for $9.50.

Here's hoping for a stress free and happy birthday party next weekend!

Happy New Year xx