Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review: Dora's Enchanted Forest Adventures

I don't know if you have noticed, but Land of Little Princesses LOVES Dora the Explorer! Emily loves receiving new Dora DVD's, the latest of which is Dora's Enchanted Forest Adventures (due for release in stores on November 3rd.)

The minute the envelope was opened and she spied Dora there on the cover, Emily went nuts. Which was impressive for someone who had just been up half the night in the emergency room with an ear infection!

Anyway, the timing of this DVD's arrival was impeccable. For my sanity.

In the latest adventures of our favourite explorer, Dora is back and setting off to help King Unicornio regain his rightful position as King of the Enchanted Forest.

Dora and Boots return to Enchanted Forest to save it from Owl, who has taken over as King and set up new rules banning scarecrows, elves, fairies, and squirrels from the forest! But the Enchanted Forest is for everyone!

Recently we were invited to attend a special cinema screening of this title, with the opportunity to meet Dora herself! Unfortunately we were unable to be there, but lots of kiddies were! Here's a little video of what they thought.

Don't laugh, but I actually had a little cry watching this, because we couldn't go, and Emily would've just about wet her pants with excitement to meet Dora! Mind you, she didn't know anything about it anyway so I don't know what my problem is! I'm just a sook! Hormones I say! Can you still blame hormones nine months after giving birth?

After about the 4th replay of the DVD (and many requests by me to turn it off), my sanity was almost nowhere to be found, and I knew the songs by heart, but Emily was happy. I'm amazed at how Dora can keep kids captivated for so long!

Keep an eye out on the blog over the next few days for an awesome giveaway featuring a copy of Dora's Enchanted Forest Adventures!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary DVD review copy courtesy of Zing. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.