Monday, October 3, 2011

Mini cakes of Ricey goodness

Recently Land of Little Princesses received a box of Table of Plenty Mini Rice Cakes. They were a hit with Emily (and Mummy). Even Hubby got in on the chocolatey rice action!

 The crunchy wholegrain rice cakes are paired with a creamy layer of European chocolate or berry yoghurt, to create an all-natural, scrumptious combination! As each mini rice cake is a mere 15 calories, a few rice cakes in the lunch box make for the perfect healthy snack for kids!

  • Available in three delectable flavours; milk chocolate, dark chocolate and triple berry yoghurt 
  • Totally natural, gluten-free snack with no preservatives, colours or flavours 
  • The chocolate and yoghurt coatings are made with pure cocoa butter – so NO vegetable oil 
  • The dark chocolate flavour is also lactose and fructose free 
Table of Plenty Mini Rice Cakes are available in selected Coles stores for $3.99.

Nom nom nom. I really enjoyed these, especially the Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes and Emily favoured the Triple Berry Yoghurt ones. It is very hard to stop at 'a few'! When certain little hands keep coming back to the pack it doesn't take long for it to be empty!

At $3.99 a pack, they're a little out of our budget for a regular purchase, but as a treat occasionally I'll definitely go back to these little yummies!

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