Sunday, October 9, 2011

9 Months

Slow down baby! You're growing so fast!

Wow, Jessica May! You are 9 months old now. You've officially been out as long as you were in. Every day you get more beautiful, and your personality is shining through.
I never thought I could love another baby the way I do your sister. But I do, and oh, it's so much more! My cup most definitely runeth over.

I love blue on you, it brings out your gorgeous blue eyes,
and everything you wear gets dirty in your quest to crawl.

You can sit up on your own and you're crawling now, well, commando style anyway. But I see you every day pull up those knees and have a go. You'll get there soon my baby.

Emily adores you, and every day she showers you with affection. Sometimes too much, but she's always there for you with a kiss or a cuddle. It's very sweet. She plays very well with you and loves to pick you up and bring you to me, saying "Jessica wants the Mamma."

Although you're not quite sleeping through the night, you are a pretty easy going baby. Most of the time, you settle easily. Which is good. I remember with your sister having to sit by the cot, patting and ssshhing until she went to sleep!
Snoozin' in the pram with Honey and Sophie.
You'll be ONE soon! Oh my, I'm looking forward to every day ahead. Watching you grow and learn. My sweet little baby girl. I love you my little princess xx