Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rock my Baby

This post is part of Product Talk by Nuffnang. 

I received a Rock N Play Soother courtesy of Fisher Price and Nuffnang. All opinions expressed are my own.

I received the Fisher Price Rock N Play Soother to try with Jessica. It was so easy to assemble, the instructions said that two people may be needed, but I managed on my own. I'm usually a pink buying mamma for my girls, but the yellows and greens are very sweet, and it comes with a cute little bunny toy too!

Naaww, cute little bunny!

From birth Jessica had reflux, it's not so bad now, but I'm wondering if it's still enough to be disturbing her sleep at night. I have not a full nights sleep since she was born. She's waking two to five times a night and it's really starting to take it's toll on my health and sanity! So when I received the Fisher Price Rock N Play Soother, I decided to give it a try at night. It couldn't make my night any worse, could it!

I thought we should gradually work our way up to nights though, so for the first few days we put her in it awake for some quiet rocking and chatting.

Emily rocking and singing Rockabye Baby.

During the day, she's usually more than happy to go down for a nap, but last Thursday she wasn't in it. I had to go drop Emily to daycare, and I left Jessica with Hubby. She pretty much cried the whole time I was away, and after a feed and cuddles on my return, still refused to go to bed. So, out to the lounge room and into the Rock N Play. Magic! A few rocks later, voila! Sleeping baby.

Jessica and Honey, her FlatOut Bear.

For a RRP of $139.99, I felt the rocker was lacking a little in features. I would've liked some sort of auto rock feature. On a carpeted surface it's impossible to maintain a rock without constantly doing it yourself, whereas on a hard floor, you get a couple of rocks before having to do it again. A little music would be a nice touch too.

Some of my favourite features of the Rock N Play Soother are:

Light weight and easy to move around the house - I am able to pick up the rocker in one hand while holding Jessica in the other.

Easy clean cover - Jessica loves holding her own bottle, and I love that I can do stuff in the kitchen as well as watch her while she has a feed. If she dribbles or spits up, the cover easily unclips to be washed and dries quickly.

3 point safety harness - A must! Although I did find it difficult (not impossible) to use it at nap time because Jessica sleeps in a sleeping bag, so I ended up using a travel one. Problem solved. I also noticed that the harness sat a lot lower on her when she was wearing a cloth nappy.

Easily folds for storage - we have a small house so it's great to be able to just fold it and pop it behind or beside the lounge.

On Sunday we moved Jessica's cot into her room, finally! I usually bring her into bed with me around 4am so I tried to use the Rock N Play in our room on Monday night to see how she went. Unfortunately she didn't want a bar of it as she was having a rough night (she's been sick and clingy lately).

So it looks like nights are out, but she's more than happy to go in it during the day for a nap or a bottle. I really love this rocker! I just wish I'd know about it and had one when Jessica was a newborn!