Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

Hubby is on night shift this weekend, and I've been a little behind the eight ball as far as a gift goes. I did make sure I had a card waiting for him this morning when he got home from work. I have Emily sitting here at the moment colouring a #1 Dad picture. Slack, I know! But it's more than what I got for Mother's Day! I even had to ask Emily to say Happy Mother's Day to me, which she did, and also everyday for the next week haha. But that's not why I didn't get him anything.

To be honest, with him working so much, I don't go anywhere. Maybe on his days off, when we actually all get time to spend together, we'll pick him up something that he likes. It's not the fancy gifts that matter. It's being able to spend time with family and cherishing the ones you love.

Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful Dad too! I wouldn't be here without you! haha