Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Daycare Issues

For the last couple of weeks when I go to pick Emily up from daycare, she's been crying. When I drop her off in the morning, she cries. This wouldn't be so upsetting or confusing if this was how she behaved since she started in August. But it's not. From the first day she started, she loved it. She'd barely stop to say goodbye, and on pick up wouldn't want to leave. She goes 9am - 5pm Mondays and Thursdays.

Last Monday something changed. When I got there at 5pm to pick her up she was sitting alone beside a bookshelf sobbing. When she saw me, she ran over and bawled. The carer told me she started crying at 3pm wanting to go home. Emily couldn't tell me why she was crying, no matter how many different ways I tried, I couldn't get anything out of her.

Tuesday night she wet the bed (she hasn't done this since being toilet trained) and Wednesday night she had nightmares and kept crying in her sleep.

Thursday morning she was fine, keen to go to "school" as she calls it. We got there about 9:30am, morning tea time, and she was very clingy. I had to fill out some forms and give them back to the carer and when I went back to the tearoom, Emily was pouty and upset. She ran to me and cried "I need you Mummy." We got her to sit back down to have some fruit, and I left. Feeling terrible. I called the centre at midday to see how she was and the carer said she was fine, happy and playing. I decided to pick her up a bit earlier, so at 3:30pm, we went to get her. I had a chat with one of the carers and he told me that a few of the girls were playing in the cubby house and one pushed Emily.

So, now I'm wondering if this isn't the first time Emily has been picked on, and if this could explain the crying.

On Monday, I told the carer about Thursday and asked her to keep an eye out to see what was going on. When I picked Emily up at 4:30pm, the carer told me that Emily stuck close by her and pretty much played by herself. At pack up time, Emily started crying. She then asked me what we want to do about the crying. Hell, I'm just so confused as to what is going on. I've never done this before, you're the childcare teacher!

So, my lovely readers, do you have any words of wisdom or similar experiences you could share with me?