Tuesday, July 26, 2011


*Warning - This post contains the F-bomb, just once. I know - shock horror!*

Yesterday afternoon Emily was playing out in our backyard. She'd only been out there for like 5 minutes when we heard the driveway gate (which is padlocked to keep her in) rattle loudly. Hubby quickly went out the back door and saw someone’s boots disappear over the gate out into the driveway.

While Hubby ran out to bring Emily in, I ran to the front window to see a police officer run out into the street and into a yard across the road. Emily was in hysterics at being brought inside (mostly because she dropped her shoe in the yard.) 

There is chicken wire running along the back so it is closed in! Hopefully there'll be a new fence soon.

The back fence, which was already falling down, was completely flattened in one spot. Crapping ourselves, Hubby went out to speak to the other officer, who told him they were chasing someone.

Holy crap! We’re still not sure as to whether that person/persons had been through our yard or not, but the thought of it is enough to want to keep my girls inside forever. Once Emily calmed down (and I went out to get her shoe) we established that it was the police officer that ran through our yard at the time she was out there.

I grilled asked her; did the man run past you? Yes. What colour were his pants? Blue. What colour was his hat? Blue. Did he say anything to you? No. What did you do then? I scooted on my scooter. Ah, blissful innocence!

It wasn’t until later that evening when I saw the guys from behind us out picking up bits of fence and talking about what happened. Apparently two men were in their back yard at some point looking around.  I don’t know whether they went through our yard or not. The guy said to me, “It’s not a regular thing around here.” I hope the fuck not!  

I’m so freaked out by the ‘what if’s’ of the whole situation. I’m a mum, I can’t help it. Now, how am I supposed to feel comfortable that my daughters are going to be safe in our own backyard? It is a great backyard for exploring and playing, and I can see all from the kitchen window or back door (and laundry window/door, but who wants to spend all day in there?) But is that good enough? 

How can a kid be a kid if her mother is hovering over her every minute she is out playing tag and chasy with her imaginary friend? Or am I over-reacting and being irrational?


Mumma's Mini Mes - Kym said...

Oh hun I would be freaking out too!! You totally didn't over react! When will humans evolve to include eyes in the back of the head it would be used so well. It is so hard to know what to do as you don't want to hover but you have to keep an eye on them. I am sure it will be something that will never happen again but certainly freaky!

Fragancia said...

No it really is a serious thing! you can put everything at stake for the safety of angels! :) You have such a cute blog. Im your new follower. I'd love if you check my blog and follow back :) <3

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