Monday, June 20, 2011

Sell 1000 things

Today I've been spending some time catching up on all the unread posts on my Google Reader (1000+!) and I came across Tina Gray's post Sell 1000 things and thought to myself what a great idea!

I also read the post she linked to here by Kylie Ofiu on her blog Kylie Ofiu: Author 365 Ways To Make Money, Finance Blogger and Mother. After a quick browse of her blog, I will definitely be going back to read some more!

I figured it would be the perfect time for us to do this, we are still unpacking from the move and need to seriously downsize/declutter and there are a few things at the moment on my want list, not to mention the debt list!

So as we unpack boxes, I'll be selling stuff off! It's a win/win situation! I'm also implementing Tina's ticker idea too to keep my eye on the prize!

Thank you for the inspiration to sell my stuff, make some money AND unpack my house!

Wish me luck though, because I have been known to be a bit of a hoarder, which is probably why we have so much stuff to start with haha!

Now I just have to find the perfect medium to sell my stuff. I'd love to know how you sell your things?

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Mumma's Mini Mes - Kym said...

I to saw this today and thought it was such a great idea! My problem is the motivation to sell and wondering if people will buy the things I want to sell lol. I am going to sell a few things in the local paper which is free to advertise in for items under $500 and also give a few things to my parents to sell at the markets as they have a table and it cost $10 for the table for the morning. If you have baby and kids items it would worth you trying the kids markets with a table for around $10 too. Then there is Gumtree on the internet and also there a few other free places to list items both on facebook and on the internet. Ebay is good but tends to sometimes be a last option as the fees can eat up any money I might make. The other peoblem for me is do I have 1000 things to sell? hmmm if I don't think I can get more then say $5 for something I usually give it away to the charity shop as I figure by giving it to them I am helping some else too. I can't wait to see you get to your $1000! What will you do with the money?

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