Sunday, May 15, 2011

Slowly, slowly

Well, the packing is underway! A ute load was packed and taken to storage. Now we just have to get a house! We missed out on one last week that would've been perfect for us. Apparently we're going to be up against 40 odd applicants! Unbelievable. I am at the point now, (with hubby being away weeks at a time) where I just want all this to hurry the hell up and be moved already!

We have to give three weeks notice on this place and I am certainly not doing that yet. That's just asking for stress! The last thing I need is to have to be out of here with nowhere to go! So I figure if we get the rent here a few weeks ahead, when the time comes to pay for a new place we won't be paying double. I hope.

The last time we moved was because the owners sold and the buyers wanted to occupy. We were down to literally the last few days before we had to vacate. We still didn't have anywhere to go and we had a 4 week old baby. That was such a stressful time for me. I think that's a part of the reason that I'm so reluctant to pack this place! Add that to the fact that I'm here on my own with two little girls! So when hubby was home on the weekend, I was very happy with what I got achieved. I had intended to leave Emily's room until last, but I just got in there and ended up packing 4 or 5 boxes of just toys! Let me tell you, the room feels less cluttered now. I may not even unpack those boxes in the new place ha ha!

It's really hard to find the motivation to pack when there's no one here to talk to about what to do next or how many boxes will fit in this load. Hubby wants me to pack at least two boxes a day. I'm really going to try, but I just look at this place and feel like I'm drowning in STUFF!

What tips do you have for packing a house that you still need to live in for a little while?


Anonymous said...

dont unpack all of the toys when you get to the new place. leave half of them for about 6 months and the kids will think it is like christmas! in that time they will forget what they had and enjoy playing with them again.

Natalie Murray said...

This is such a pretty blog! N :) xx

jennifer said...

Hi Belinda - it is a pretty blog. I have had to move several times too & it's painful, so you have my sympathy. If I was packing now, I'd be getting all the summer clothes etc packed and out of the way, books, CDs, any good serving platters, glasses etc - you're not likely to be doing any entertaining! Good luck with it all!
If you feel like a break, I'd love you to visit The Princess Letters Project - something I'm doing with my 4yo.
Cheers, J

Kate said...

Hi Belinda, I'm a new follower, just found you via Digital Parents, I love your background graphics! Very pretty :)

Moving is so not fun, and I have no helpful tips I'm afraid but I will say the upside (to me lol) with moving is the opportunity to declutter and reassess what you still need/want and what can be rehomed. I'm a bit tragic like that though ;)

Best of luck with the move!

Tat said...

Moving sucks, but isn't it the best feeling when all is done and you get settled in your new place!

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