Friday, March 25, 2011

Poo Turtles

For the last few weeks Emily has been toilet training. We left it completely up to her as to when she was ready and one day a few weeks ago, she just took herself to the toilet. I couldn't have been happier, because for months I'd been trying to get her to use the potty but she just wasn't interested.
After that first wee she did by herself on the loo, I had to come up with a way to keep her interested. So I made up a potty chart and printed it on magnet paper so we could stick it to the side of the fridge. I made up little magnets to stick to it every time she did wees or poos in the toilet, well, it's been working a charm!

The kit I used for this is called Potty Like A Rockstar by Spinky Dink Scraps, I got it at Gotta Pixel.

Obviously all the positive reinforcement is working because the other day when I was playing with her, I told her I just had to go to the toilet. She follows me in and I tell her she can't come into the toilet with me and I pushed the door closed slightly, so she pokes her head around the door and says, " but Mum, I need to clap for you!"

Even though she's going great guns at peeing in the toilet, there have been the usual accidents and near misses. Yesterday Emily was off happily playing in her room where, oblivious to her call of nature, had an accident. She came out to me and so kindly informed me that she had done a poo. So, off to the loo we go to tidy up. As I tipped the poop into the toilet, Emily looks in and says, "it looks like a turtle. A poo turtle."

Honestly, how their minds work truly baffles me!


Romina Garcia said...

haha!! A poo turtle!! That's adorable. I'm going through the exact same thing at the moment with my 2.5 yr old and we are doing the same reward concept as you are and it is working a treat! Although, she described her "poo turtle" as a "poo cupcake"...which was disgusting, but really did look like a cupcake so I couldn't fault her haha!

Tab said...

Cool! I'm glad it kind of 'clicked' for her. I'm a ways off having to TT Addie yet but I tell you I'm so scared!!! ARGHHH!!!!

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