Monday, November 1, 2010

Naughty Mummy!

Ok, so I'm not the biggest potty mouth, but occasionally (alright, maybe a bit more than that) I let some less than ladylike words slip. Well, the problem is now, with an attentive, almost three year old nearly always attached to one limb or another, how to:
a) stop saying the swear words and,
b) encourage her NOT to repeat any of them!

Case in point. I was sitting at our dining room table this afternoon chatting away to my husband. Emily comes over with a pair of her dads ear muffs (you know, the industrial type ones?) Anyway she says, "Mummy you put them on." So, while trying to carry on the conversation and appease my daughter at the same time, I go to put them on. Well, my fingers slipped off one side and they clapped shut. Right across my nose.

The words that then came out of my mouth were just a fragment of a curse, I exclaimed "Son of a....!"
Then, without even skipping a beat, this gorgeous little princess in front of me so kindly finishes my sentence for me! Well! As I looked at my husband through the tears in my eyes, it was hard to tell whether they were from the pain of just whacking myself in the face, or from laughter at what Emily had just said.

So, while trying to disguise my laughter as pain, all I could think to say was, "that's naughty, don't say that."

Somehow I don't think she believed me.

(It wasn't until a little while later that I realised that I must say that particular curse quite a bit, for her to know exactly what I was going to say! Umm-maaa!)

Now, how do you tell a toddler that she shouldn't say these words when she's just heard mummy (or daddy) say it?

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Harmony said...

Hahahahaha as bad as it is, it is so funny hearing them say those naughty words!

My daughter has picked up the word... bloody! now not too bad but still its a naughty word. She uses it in the right way too, like this morning on the way to kindy the traffic was slow so what do i hear her say in the back seat? "Bloody traffic" hehehehe opsy

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