Wednesday, November 17, 2010

7 weeks to go!

I'm definitely feeling every bit of my 32 weeks pregnant! With the weather getting hotter, it's getting more uncomfortable. We certainly didn't plan for this bub to be incubating at this time of the year! You think I would've learnt from my pregnancy with Emily at the exact same time of the year 3 years ago. But, conveniently, I forget a lot of how it was with her. I think that is mostly due to her delivery (emergency c-section under general anaesthetic) being etched in my mind forever, kind of overshadowing the nine months previous. That is the precise reason that this time around, we have opted to go for a planned caesarean at 39 weeks.

I'm actually really enjoying this pregnancy, feeling pretty good most of the time. I also love the fact that I get to see bub every four weeks at my obstetrician appointments, which is something I didn't have with Emily (I just went through the midwife clinic).

The closer I get the more freaked out I'm getting. Not because of her impending arrival, but because we have next to nothing organised for her! I'm sure hubby thinks everything will just organise itself, but I know who'll end up doing it all!

I suppose being the second child, there isn't really that much to do, seeing as we already have ALMOST everything we need. But that doesn't stop me from stressing about what needs to be cleaned or moved or what not!