Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lazy Sunday.

Well, I certainly didn't get that sleep in! But that's ok, it's been quite a lovely day today. Emily has been running around out the back, kicking the ball with her daddy. She loves being outside, which makes it very hard to entertain her when the weather isn't so great. Which has been a fair bit lately!

I finally got around to making the chicken filo parcels that I've been wanting for the last few nights. We had them for lunch. Delicious! I was halfway through eating when I realised I should have taken a photo so I could share it with you! See, still got to get my head around this whole blogging thing, hehe.

Next time we have them (and there most definitely will be a next time, yum) I will have to post some pics and a "guessipe" (didn't measure anything out). I'll leave you drooling with your own visualisation of them.

Chicken breast stuffed with spinach and grated cheese, wrapped in filo pastry. Mmmm. VERY easy to make. Even got two very enthusiastic thumbs up from hubby.